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Famous Place

Sl.No. Place Name Address Description Image
1 Nrushinghanath  Mugpal, Odisha 755009 Nrushinghanath is a popular pilgrim spot in Bargarh district of Orissa For the past few centuries lakhs of people go there every year in search of peace and solace Lord Nrushinghanath is the presiding deity of the sacred mount Gandhamardhan endearing multitude of memories astonishingly amalgamating the legends of the Ramayana the Mahabharata the Buddhist Era even reminiscent of Bhoj Raj Sant Kabir and Tantracharya Nagarjuna
2 Asta Sambhu Temple Baragarh,Odisha Asta Sambhu In the district of Bargarh a large of Siva Temple were built during the Chauhan rule of undivided Sambalpur The most important among them were those of the Asta Sambhu or Siva Temples
3 Gandhamardan Baragarh,Odisha Asper the epic ramayan while Lord Hanuman was Carrying the entire mountain mass to Lanka so as to find a cure for laxman by providing him withsanjeevani It is belived that a part of mountain mass Today the places houses over rare herbs that are studied and used for medical purpose The place is also a wild life sanctuary that houses rare birda and animals are bliss to its spectators
4 The Mighty Mandap  Mugpal, Odisha 755009 About km away from the nursinghnath temple one can sight an old buddhist cave This cave is called The Mighty Mandap The cave dates back to the early Buddhist settlements about the time when Hiuen T sang visited the region and was mentioned as the BuddhaVihar in his works The Mighty Mandap is an evidence of the Buddhist architectures of the begon days
5 debigarh Wildlife Sanctuary  Right Dyke Road, Odisha 768030 debigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is an emerald heaven that is nestled in the Baraphad Hills That lie at an altitude of feet above sea level the place is famous for being the base for Veer Surendra sai a freedom fighter who was said to be caught here by the british officials the place is now converted into a wildlife sanctuary Animals like indian Bison elephant and black bucks are the most important in the region The sanctuary also houses an artificial water reservoir Hirakud reservoir that attracts a number of birds that migrate here during the winters The reservior is the third largest congregation of birds in orissa